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Every program is based on the core elements of real-time experience-based coaching principles designed to help you attract all you want in life, both personally and professionally. Follow-up private or group phone coaching sessions are recommended to immediately apply and integrate the new insights and information…..!
Suresh Kavili Life Coach

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The Project Manager who broke through the glass ceiling

One of my clients, let’s call him Joseph a Project Manager in the USA, hired me when he was frustrated with his job because of the corporate politics and the old boy's network that he couldn’t seem to crack.
Coached him on both management and personal front building a strong motivated and confident mindset, that helped him to get back to his corporate life with all happiness, now he works for a state govt healthcare department as Project Manager.


Strong ground rules helped to optimize inter-departmental coordination

Helped an IT organization that is gearing up to double its size but had the challenge of inter-departmental coordination issues. Conducted week-long sessions to optimize their processes across Marketing, Functional and Technical departments by establishing the ground rules for better handshaking.

Creative Business Coach
Keynote Speaker


Transforming from depression to a challenging mind

Being Young and grownup in lower-middle-class families where parents and other elders are not ready to share or speak certain areas of life and incidents openly, many young people suffer and builds a strong negative emotional feeling inside their mind and they go to the extent of physically hurting them-self, just providing small and timely support will help them to take U-turn in their emotions will lead to a happy mind with confidence (Respecting the client's privacy, not sharing the actual incidents dealt with, but kept an extraction of it).


Navigate the audience mind to current

While the conference or event speakers are going to provide a lot of event-related subject information, used to set the context of the event by a briefing on the outcome of it and bring them to the current by applying simple, quick, and effective dialogue which makes them think and start speaking, with this approach the challenges bothering them from last few hours have vanished.

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